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incorrectly redefining system functions

If you redefine a system SUBR as an LSUBR, the ARGS info doesn't get
updated under Twenex MacLisp (version 2130 on CMUC), but it is updated
correctly in the TOPS-10 version (number 2129 on CMUA.)  For example,
if you compile the following


you naturally get a warning from COMPLR about "redefining a system
function."  If you then load the fasl file under TOPS-10 MacLisp and do
(ARGS 'OUT) you get NIL.  If you load the exact same fasl file into a
Twenex MacLisp, (ARGS 'OUT) returns (NIL .  2), and if you call OUT you get
a wrong number of arguments error.

-- Dave Touretzky