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20X ledit

Who maintains 20X ledit?  I finally convinced the ITS ledit people that the
command ^R LEDIT Zap DEFUN to LISP should leave point in the same place rather
than moving it to the front of the just Zapped toplevel form.  I argued that if
I was making many changes to a particular spot in a fairly large toplevel form,
testing them out by frequently Zapping the whole form, it was a pain to have to
re-find my position each time I returned to EMACS.  Especially when the
toplevel form is large enough to cause a redisplay when moving from the front
to the location of my changes.

I find that the 20X ledit still exibits this behavior which is doubly annoying
because it is now inconsistent and I use MacLisp in both systems.

Perhaps the 20X ledit maintainers simply haven't heard about this change?
(Perhaps the bug-ledit mailing list should distribute to both sets of
maintainers if it doesn't already.  I'll add them if they tell me who they
are.)  Perhaps we simply haven't gotten the most recent version of 20X ledit?
(I'll install it here on OZ.)  Perhaps the 20X ledit maintainers LIKE the
repositioning behavior?  (That would be pessimal, but perhaps they could be
persuaded to install a switch?)

While we are on the subject, can't 20X ledit use defstruct instead of defvst?
I really hate having to load the defvst runtime into my lisp just so that I can
edit.  Defstruct has no runtime.  (Or perhaps this is the sub-fork package that
uses defvst?  Could it be changed?)