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Considering the trouble of running under TOPS-10, well, Maclisp
just isn't that close to lispmachinelisp. Can you get your hands on
a VAX-750? Right now I'm working over the summer with another
guy from MIT in a VAX-VMS-NIL environment on a 750 that the company
was able to rent quite quickly for the summer months. We brought up
code originally written on a lispmachine without hassle, and expect
to be able to port back easily too. (Actually, the same thing
was true with the Macsyma port to NIL, conditionalizations which
were #+LISPM could just be changed to #+(OR LISPM NIL), the
initial port taking 4 days due to this "lucky-break," whereas
both the PDP-10 Maclisp and Franz conditionalizations indicate
something really out of a different genre.)

My experience is that this is the minimum-time minimum-hassle solution.