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Mail-From: ARPANET host MIT-MC received by CMU-10A at 23-Jul-82 15:36:45-EDT
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 82 15:39:00 GMT
Original-Date: 23 Jul 1982 1139-EDT
Subject: MacLisp for TOPS-10
To:   GLS at MIT-MC

I am trying to acquire a version of MacLisp that will run under 
TOPS-10 (version 6.03). Syracuse University has a contract with
RADC to develop a programming environment called LOGLISP, which 
is a synthesis of LISP and logic programming. To date they have
developed the system in UCI-LISP, but plan to move to LISP
machines later this year. We hope that MacLisp will be a good
vehicle for development in the interim, its being closer to
LISP machine LISP than UCI-LISP.

I have communicated with Scott Fahlman and Dave Touretzky
at CMU--they have given me pointers to the CMU "MacLisp
environment," which I have ftp'ed. Dave suggested that since
CMU's versions of MACLSP and COMPLR are modified for their
"modified" TOPS-10 system, I should obtain these files from
MIT on "distribution tape." Syracuse is not on the ARPANET,
and I am planning to make a tape for them of MacLisp files.
Would it be possible to obtain these files via ftp, and save 
the trouble of making and mailing a tape?

Thank you for your attention.

Bob Schrag
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