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You must not have looked very closely at the code, since I was the one
who converted ATSIGN to flush the PA1050 package when running on
10X/20X systems.  That is not an issue; it is already TNX-ized. The
6-char limitation on filename.ext is actually due to the format of LREC
files and various other tables, which assume that filenames come in
sixbit words.  You cannot fix this fundamental problem without
changing the LREC file format at the very least.  It is possible, but
it won't be easy.  The MIDAS code in TSRTNS contains one mechanism for
manipulating long filenames internally; it may be worth a look.

  I will FTP back my latest version of ATSIGN to make sure that
all current mods are in the canonical copy.  You should put yourself
on bug-atsign if you start hacking anything...