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Re: Extension for Lisp files

    Date: 24 Jun 1982 11:16 PDT
    From: JonL at PARC-MAXC
    Unfortunately, the MacLisp choice for LSP was necessitated by
    compatibilitly between TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 implementations.

    It's not too late for Twenex MacLisp to become "incompatible" with
    TOPS-10 -- there's about three places in the system where the
    symbol LSP is built in (I could spend a little time on the phone
    with you if you'd like to tackle this one);  also there's about
    half-dozen places where LSP is built in to lisp-based code (such
    as the places that look for FOO.INIT files for various systems FOO)
    which  includes COMPLR, NILAID,  SHARAB and possibly one or
    two more.  But there are indeed many TOPS-10 lusers of MacLisp --
    witness the cry for help by Pedro Otaduy recently.
Of course, the LISP machine manages to call files FOO.LSP on VMS, foo.l
on Unix, FOO.LISP on TOPS-20, and FOO > on ITS.  MacLisp somehow feels
that it's OK for namelists to be incompatible between ITS and TOPS-20,
but not between TOPS-20 and TOPS-10.