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READ-*-EVAL-PRINT and READ-EVAL-*-PRINT seem to be pretty much of a win.
I would like to a see a READ-EVAL-PRINT-* appear soon as well.  Perhaps
a more winning idea would be to create READ-*-PRINT, READ-EVAL-*, etc.
This would allow greater control over the interpreter, yet would enable
all of the hacks the current scheme allows.  For example, there is no
simple way to turn off a PRINT occuring during each cycle of the loop, 
although one can pass it an argument and give it a PRIN1 function to use.
The READ-EVAL-* scheme would allow us to do this, yet would enable retaining
the PRINT simpliy by putting it in the function which is the value of
READ-EVAL-*.  I have more ideas on this if you are interested.

Now for the gripes:  I think that the symbols READ-*-EVAL-PRINT,
READ-EVAL-*-PRINT, and PRIN1 should be bound to NIL whenever an error
or breakpoint occurs, much in the same manner as READTABLE gets bound
to the initial readtable array pointer.  I have been having problems finding
errors in functions used as values of PRIN1 since the error will occur
again as the interpreter attempts to print the error message, and so on.