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Re: maclisp

    Date:  9 Oct 1981 2209-EDT
    From: JIS at MIT-SPEECH at MIT-AI
    In-Reply-To: Your message of 9-Oct-81 1728-EDT

    Hi, you guys should not be screwing around with maclisp on Speech.
    Maclisp is installed on speech in cooperation with the VLSI and
    speech group. It would be a bad thing if a new maclisp went in without
    warning and broke their stuff, they happen to own the machine...


It is very important that the MACLISP on Speech be kept up to
date (more or less) so that it is possible to transport
code from the ITSes to Speech.  I have not been able to install
LSB on speech because DEFMAX (in particular) is out of data and missing
some important features.  I am willing to help out in the updating
process, but I will need to know some passwords.

- ken