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Definition of SELECTQ

    Date: 17 July 1981 15:53-EDT
    From: Carl W. Hoffman <CWH at MIT-MC>
    Subject: SELECTQ using = or EQ
	Date: 17 July 1981 12:02-EDT
	From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
	Fixed now.  Prior to this buggy state, it produced a CASEQ, which insists
	on either symbols or numbers, but not mixtures thereof.
    Whoa, what's going on here.  I've been assuming until now that CASEQ and
    SELECTQ are just different names for the same thing.  Are you saying this is
    no longer the case?
During my virus-induced absence, I never got down to this part of my mail
file, but noticed in the later parts the RWK seems to have satisfactorily
answered this.  He's produced a corrected SELECTQ macro, and GSB has
offered the one from LSB.  Any more comments?