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    Date: 20 July 1981 21:15-EDT
    From: Richard L. Bryan <RLB at MIT-MC>
    Sender: BIL at MIT-MC
    Subject: Gobble, gobble
    To: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC
    The current EXTBAS has SI:EXTEND-LENGTH subr defined as
    (defun si:extend-length (x) (si:extend-length x))
    or something equivalent, expecting a macro definition for si:extend-length
    to come in from EXTHUK.  It did, but after that SI:EXTEND-LENGTH was 
     own-symbol'ified, leading to a short inner loop on si:extend-length
    tail recursing to itself, but not terminating in finite time.
This hasn't been fixed yet -- so I fixed it merely by removing the
OWN-SYMBOL declaration in the EXTBAS file, and recompiling.