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    Date: Sun ,10 Aug 80 19:20:00 EDT
    From: CPR at MIT-AI (Christopher P. Ryland)
    Sent-by: Jis at MIT-AI
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 36.2, with microcode 683, on LISP Machine Ten:
    I wanted to kill a window which wasn't selected, and naively thinking that
    if I used the moused Kill, I could select a window to kill, I did so, only
    to find a somewhat valuable currently-selected window gone.  Argh; it wasn't
    horrible, but it's not parallel with things like Reshape or Move which
    ask you to mouse the window you're talking about.

You must have used the Kill in the Other menu.  The Kill in the Edit Screen
menu of course works the same as the other operations in the same menu.
Would anyone object if the kill in the Other menu was flushed?  In fact
would anyone object if that whole menu was flushed and the one or two
useful operations were moved into the main menu?