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I once tried using the save-screen feature of the system menu
and it didn't do what I wanted, because it saved only the
set of exposed windows, and didn't remember the sequence of
unexposed windows on the active list.  I was working with
a set of windows which overlapped, and I wanted to switch
back to that set, with the previously exposed windows re-exposed,
and the previously unexposed windows made high on the active
list so that at least parts of them would be visible, as before,
and I could switch to them easily.

Maybe this has been fixed already, but if not, I think that
saving the screen configuration should save the entire active
list.  Restoration should put those windows on the front
of the active list, followed by any other windows which were
on the active list before restoration but were not there
when the configuration was saved.

Or have two ways of saving, one to save only the exposed windows,
and one to save all the active ones.