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New cold-load generator installed

I have installed a new cold-load generator which runs on the Lisp machine,
and banished the old one to the LISPM1; directory.

To run it, load the file LISPM;COLDPK, do (PKG-LOAD 'COLD), then do
(COLD:MAKE-COLD "band") where band is the name (e.g. "LOD2") of the
band on your local disk on which to build the cold-load.  You will 
be asked to confirm.  When MAKE-COLD comes back, you can DISK-RESTORE\n from that band, or make it and the appropriate microcode current and
cold-boot.  Once the fresh cold-load starts up, the procedure with
QLD is the same from then on.

The same system format definitions files, QCOM, QDEFS, and DEFMIC are used
as before.