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cc: BUG-NWS at MIT-AI, BUG-lispm at MIT-AI

    Date: 20 June 1980 23:24-EDT
    From: Alec Destry <XCONOS at MIT-AI>
    To:   BUG-LISPM at MIT-AI

    At any time you are in the editor with the mouse in the scroll bar, type
    <call>.  You will get hung with NIL in the wholine and will have to cold-boot.
This bug has been fixed in the source.  Note that typing ESC/Control-Clear
or Terminal/Control-Clear-Input will oftentimes unwedge such situations (this is
of course an emergency measure only, and not a cure all).  You might try this
before the drastic action of warm or cold booting.  Please report the bugs, though,
since any time you need to use these keyboard commands a bug has been encountered.