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    RMS@MIT-AI 05/09/80 18:04:47
        Date: Fri ,9 May 80 16:34:00 EDT
        From: ALAN at MIT-AI (Alan Bawden)

        In system 27.79 nws, with microcode 661, on LISP Machine Six:
        The LispMachine should support CASEQ.

    What7s wrong with SELECTQ?

Nothing is wrong with SELECTQ.  But MacLisp has this thing called
CASEQ which I use because it does the right thing with regard to
fixnums and it was once advertized that CASEQ would be understood by
the compiler.  I cannot have SELECTQ expand into a CASEQ because CASEQ
will not let me mix fixnums and symbols.  The solution is obvious, on
the LispMachine CASEQ should be a macro that expands into a SELECTQ.