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Packages and QC-FILE

    Date: 25 January 1982 04:50-EST
    From: Ken Forbus <KDF at MIT-AI>

	    When compiling a file that has no package specified within it, 
    the package the file is "compiled to" is a package set by an EDITOR BUFFER.
    This seems pretty random; for instance, using the window error handler gets
    your code into a buffer with the EH package.  Not knowing about this 
    slightly arcane convention leads to much confusion.  I suggest that
    the package either be an argument to QC-FILE, or at least that it take 
    its default from the package you are running in.

QC-FILE currently has both the features you suggested, however, if the
package is declared on the generic pathname of the file, it will use
that rather than the package you are running in.  It is a bug that the
editor puts an arbitrary package there.  Does anyone have any ideas as
to the consequenses of removing this?