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:SELECT-METHOD function spec.

I would like to propose a new function spec:

(:SELECT-METHOD fcn-spec method)

Fcn-spec must contain a select method.  This refers to the <method>
method for the select method (Whew!).  It would be used internally by
DEFSELECT rather than consing up new symbols.  Any objections?

A possible extension to the :METHOD function spec would make it so that
it would be upward compatible with :SELECT-METHOD.  For example, suppose
that FOO's definition is a select method.  Then (:METHOD FOO :BAR) would
try (:SELECT-METHOD FOO :BAR) if FOO isn't a flavor or a class.  Note
that if the second element of the :METHOD function spec is not a symbol,
there is no ambiguity.  I want to hear some opinions before I do
anything in this direction.