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Saved band that won't restore

  Date: Wednesday, 20 January 1982  17:10-EST
  Subject: Saved band that won't restore

   Did you call DISK-SAVE from the initial Lisp listener or from some other process?
   (Perhaps from the Daedalus window?)  Until the next system, the latter does not
   work and often causes symptoms similar to those you describe.

This is the only response I've seen to our problem.  The disk was saved from
the initial LISP listener when I hit the bug.  (We certainly are aware of all
KNOWN disk-save problems.)

Let me emphasize the pain that is involved with this bug.  We typically are trying
to save several hours (usually at least four) of crunching.   This is time during
which the machine and at least one human really can't do much else.  When the chip
is finished we save the band so that we can then run the display, checking, and
mask specification programs on the saved version of the chip.

Is there any interest in looking at the saved band and really fixing this?
Or does the SCHEME chip project die of inadequate hardware support?