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    cwh@MIT-AI 10/14/79 05:08:25
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    When (TYI STREAM) is done, the TYI'ed character should be echoed to STREAM, not
    to STANDARD-OUTPUT.  Echoing will only happen if the stream is interactive, so
    it is safe to assume that STREAM can support the :TYO operation.
Bleah!  It's supposed to be echoed to the stream given as argument!  I'll have
to look into this.
Yes, whoever made it echo control and meta characters broke it, presumably by
accident.  I've fixed it in the source.

    I also think that (TYI STREAM) should be the same as (FUNCALL STREAM ':TYI)
    and that either the stream should decide whether or not to echo on :TYI,
    or separate :TYI and :TYI-ECHO operations should be defined for the stream. 
I disagree.  To see why, understand the :RUBOUT-HANDLER stream operation,
inside of which the :TYI operation -does- echo.

    HENRY@MIT-AI 10/14/79 13:34:33 Re:  CWH's message about TYI
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI, CWH at MIT-MC
    I think CWH's points are well taken.