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In zwei in Experimental Remote-File 10.0,
Experimental LMFILE-Remote 17.1, Experimental MIT-Specific 9.0,
Experimental System 86.18, Experimental ZMail 45.0, microcode 123, gc@18, on Lisp Machine Six:

I did M-X Dired, intending to look at ML:DPH;, but instead I typed DM:DPH;.
It errored, saying that "AI:DM:DPH;" didn't exist, and asked for another
directory (fair enough).  So I responded "ML:" and it read in ML:DPH;
properly, but when it was done it claimed that I was editing "AI:DM:DPH;" and
it gave that name to the DIRED buffer.  (This sounds like it's one for the new
error system, but I don't remember seeing it reported before.)