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Text fill bug

In ZMAIL in Experimental Remote-File 10.0,
Experimental LMFILE-Remote 17.1, Experimental MIT-Specific 9.0,
Experimental System 86.17, Experimental ZMail 45.0, microcode 123, Saver, on Lisp Machine Eighteen:

I'm not sure if this is a ZWEI or a ZMAIL bug:

In my init file I have (setq zwei:text-mode-hook
'zwei:auto-fill-mode-please).  So when I mail with zmail, the wholine
shows (Text Fill). But nothing is filled unless I manually M-Q. In zwei,
executing "M-X au f" completes correctly but puts no "Fill" in the

An unrelated complaint: I wish ZMAIL's help system was the same as
ZWEI's (I.e. apropos, etc).