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In ZWEI in Experimental Remote-File 7.0, Experimental LMFILE-Remote 15.0,
Experimental MIT-Specific 7.0, Experimental System 85.10,
Experimental ZMail 44.2, microcode 117, Try Me (GCed), on Lisp Machine Four:

In BUFFER-1, which does not have a mode line (no ;;; -*-Mode:
Lisp;... line), I find that M-X Set Package's effect goes away
soon.  For example, I set the package to "Weid", one of my
packages, and then listed buffers with C-X C-B.  The package was
then back at USER.  If I put in a mode line with Package: Weid,
and do M-X Reparse Mode Line, only then will it stay in that
package.  This is a new bug -- I have always set the package of
BUFFER-1 before, in systems n <= 83, and it worked fine.