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Kill or Save Buffers

I'm a little sick and tired of hearing people flame about broken mice.  I
have yet to hear someone say, "all of the useful keyboard functionality
should be on the mouse somewhere, because the keyboard breaks" or "the
hardware should have a mode where it doesn't use control memory, because
it breaks from time to time."  Foo!  The mouse is an integral part of the
user interface of the machine.  If it breaks, it should be fixed.  If they
are marginal, the AI Lab should find a better solution.  I am not willing
to accept alternative solutions that require (or permit) abandonment of 
the mouse.  I suspect there are no other systems that use mice that you 
could do anywhere near as well on without a mouse as you can on the Lispm.
So, other systems don't consider a useless mouse as a design consideration.