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Good Zwei idea.

    Date: Saturday, 10 March 1984, 13:57-EST
    From: Jeffrey N Eisen <JNE at MIT-OZ>

    In ZWEI in System 242.269, Experimental Schema 18.2, imperial purple, on Lisp Machine Joe Louis (3600):

    How come there isn't any facility (at least that I know of)
    in Zwei similar to the "set \" in the inspector.  It would be
    nice if a region could be evaluated "into a variable" such as \
    or something similar.

I usually use m-W, Suspend, c-Y to copy the region into the input editor,
where I can easily enclose it in a SETQ or a function call.  Of course you can
do the same thing directly in the editor, but then you've modified your
buffer. This seems like a bit of a kludge, but it works fairly smoothly.

You couldn't do something like this in the Inspector, since you are pointing
at objects, not evaluating expressions (text).

A good question is whether the c-sh-E command in the editor should set
the variables + and *.  I guess there are arguments both ways.