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small bug in the DIRED copy command

    Date: Monday, 16 April 1984, 15:23-EST
    From: David A. Moon <Moon at SCRC-TENEX>

        Date: Sunday, 15 April 1984, 21:09-EST
        From: David Rogers <DROGERS at MIT-OZ>

        Can't copy author because WHEEL or OPERATOR capability required

    This is a bug in the TOPS-20 operating system, I believe.  The SFUST system
    call doesn't let you set the file writer's name even if you can write the
    file.  It does let you set the file author's name, but no program seems to
    pay any attention to the file author.

    I suppose the only thing we can do about this is put a kludge into the Tops-20
    file server to not report this error.  But that doesn't seem very reasonable.

There are clearly fields of the FDB that are not copied with the copy command;
the COPY request from ZWEI should request the fields that are to be copied, with 
errors if any of these fields fail. I cannot see this as a TOPS-20 bug, in
that operation requests to the file server host should not request functions
unavailable on that host.

You are correct in saying that simply not reporting the error would be a kludge,
and is not a reasonable solution. The real solution is to have the ZWEI copy
command not request functions that the host cannot perform.