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small bug in the DIRED copy command

    bug-system at MIT-OZ, BUG-ZWEI at MIT-OZ
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    Date: Mon, 16 Apr 1984  18:38 EST
    You are correct in saying that simply not reporting the error would be a kludge,
    and is not a reasonable solution. The real solution is to have the ZWEI copy
    command not request functions that the host cannot perform.
That would be an incredible kludge.  Since it copies the author
when going between OTHER operating systems, just having it
not copy it because TOPS-20 refuses to let it, and not
telling the user that anything unusual happened, is a kludge.

And the alternative of not copying the author ever is even
worse.  Why should the lisp machine environment be reduced
to the least common denominator of the set (ITS/TOPS-20/TENEX/