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In ZWEI in Release 5.0, Experimental MIT 1.4, on Lisp Machine Bing Crosby (3600):

For reasons which I haven't been able to determine,
ZMACS often ends up with buffer names of the form

I just got one by doing M-X dired OZ:PS:<PHILIP> and used
E to edit a file. The name given to it was OZ:OZ:<PHILIP>...

Even Lisp is getting confused since C-E in the debugger
makes the system load file again even though it has
it already in ZMACS (but as OZ:OZ:<...> instead of 

[I've been running into different problems on all
the REL-5-+ systems we have here. Some don't find
error messages, others have broken flavors
commands and now this, which I haven't seen 
elsewhere. How can we know if a machine is running
the most recent system? Can't we load patches?]

Also could it be possible to make
C-X C-F <directory>*.LISP work on the 3600 to edit
all files in a directory.