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In ZWEI in System 98.67, CADR 3.8, ZMail 53.18, MIT-Specific 22.2,
microcode 309, gc@36, on Lisp Machine Two:

There is some sort of near-infinite-loop bug after reshaping when two
Zwei windows are present:

Have two buffers, say *Buffer-1* and FOO.  Split the screen, e.g., by
C-X 4 B FOO.  Select the top window (*Buffer-1*).  (That may not have
anything to do with it.  I'm not sure.)

Now go into the system menu, then to Edit Screen, and reshape the Zwei
frame to be 3/4 the size of the screen.  (Again, the fraction may not
have anything to do with it, but that's the size I tend to use.)

You will notice that while the bottom window redisplays, the top one
does not, and the run bar indicates that something is running for a very
long time.  Selecting some other window doesn't take effect -- at least
not for a very long time.  I once waited some minutes, and it did seem
to finally take effect, but I'm not sure.

This does not seem to happen if there was only one Zwei buffer-window.