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    Date: Wednesday, 10 October 1984, 15:01-EDT
    From: David M. J. Saslav <saz at MIT-OZ>

    In ZWEI in System 98.70, CADR 3.8, ZMail 53.18, MIT-Specific 22.4,
    microcode 309, ZM MIT, on Lisp Machine Four:

    I realize that mouse sensitivity is a very complicated concept,
    but it's kind of annoying when you click left to move to a point
    in a buffer, then depress the meta key, and an error message
    flashes saying meta-mouse-left is not a defined key...

    I suppose a mouse click should be an atomic event, one which is
    not reading bucky bits from the keyboard as it executes.

Yes, many caring and sensitive human beings have deeply-felt feelings about the
behaviour of their mice, and it would be callous in the extreme to deny the
complication of that situation, and the sorts of emotions involved.
However, in the interests of annoying you less, this is fixed in 98.73 and 99.8