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    RMS@MIT-AI 02/11/80 23:09:17
    To: (BUG ZWEI) at MIT-AI
    When I do an I-search that goes a long distance,
    and then exit with something trivial like C-O,
    it runs for a while, almost as if it were TECO moving the gap.
    It shouldn't have any more swapping to do, since the
    display has already been updated, so all relevant lines
    are already swapped in.
It is paging in the several lines around where point used to be to see if
the distance apart is enough to warrant ^@.
    Also, C-U C-Y does not have the new EMACS definition.
    It appears to insert the fourth thing in the kill ring.
    Not only that, but it seems to permanently change the kill ring,
    which C-Y with an arg is not supposed to do.

    Also, C-] does not exit from C-X M.

    All these bug reports are on the machine in 936 next to
    the parts drawers.
These and your previous bug reports are fixed in the new editor.