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    Date: 02/11/80 14:05:18
    From: GLS at MIT-AI
    (b) C-M-& (Frob LISP Conditional) seems to be extremely marginal.
    It doesn't always work (but I can't reconstruct the bug); it does
    more than it is advertised to do, i.e. the documentation loses
    (e.g. it frobs OR's too); and it leaves the cursor in a completely
    random place such that two C-M-&'s issues consecutively fail
    to be the identity operation.
i believe the documentation describes where it leaves the cursor,
at least the one for the TECO version does, i find this very useful.
i guess there could be some flag to cause point to be preserved instead.
    (c) In case my previous complaint has been forgotten, C-M-Q is still
    failing to indent comments properly; on EVERY line in the range
    a C-M-Q, one should first do a LISP indent, and then if there is
    a comment on the line do a comment indent.
nothing got lost, this bug is fixed in the new editor since before you
reported it.
    (d) If LISP Electric Shift Lock can tell whether you're in a comment,
    then so can TAB.  I suggest that TAB behave as a sinple self-inserting
    character in LISP mode if you're in a comment.
i use tab to realign the current line wherever i am within it.  i will
define another version of it that does what you say which you can assign then
to tab, since c-m-tab is available always to re-indent, i suppose.