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I've gotten way behind the last couple of weeks on my mail. 

I hope we are not too late to mail out the proposals we have ready for
voting at X3J13. I'll try to get a summary out this week and revised

I have a separate file of mail on each proposal, where the latest
version of each proposal is generally a recent message. However, these
are not on an externally available file server. I started to try to keep
the latest version of each proposal in a separate file on a public
server, but it was a lot of work with no percieved benefit.

Right now, I'll just offer the service that if anyone needs the latest
version of something , send me a personal message and I will mail it
out. (This may seem inconsistent with my being behind in my mail, but
personal mail gets priority.)

If anyone has any revised versions of any of the open proposals they
want to submit for consideration at the next X3J13 meeting, this is the
week to get them in.