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Issue Status

    Date: 24 Oct 87 17:52 PDT
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    This is my status file as of today. Please give your attention to the
    ???? issues; if you want to send me one general message covering your
    opinion or non-opinion on various messages, I will try to sort it out. 

This is a rather overwhelmingly long list but I'll see what I can do.
I don't recall seeing answers to this from anyone else; were we supposed
to send them just to you Larry rather than to the whole mailing list?

I've omitted issues where I don't have an opinion, in some cases because
I don't remember what the issue is.  I also omitted issues that I sent
separate mail about very recently.

    * ready for release (I think)
    < already approved, no more action pending.
    { awaiting action from some other committee
    % need volunteer to write up
    ???? A question: Please reply.
    ~ Tabled until resubmitted, i.e., no immediate action proposed.

    * Proposal format (Version 12, 23-Oct-87)
    ???? Ready for release? 

This is surely ready for release.

    * AREF-1D (Version 6/6 JUL 87)
    ???? Ready for release with endorsement?


    * DECLARE-MACROS (version 1, 22-oct-87)
       (Allowing macros to expand into declarations is not worth
	the ambiguity & implementation cost.)
    ???? Ready for release?

Probably, since I don't think there was any controversy, but I'm not
sure since I haven't read the proposal yet.

    { DEFSTRUCT-SLOTS-CONSTRAINTS (not yet submitted/issues file)
    (p 307) "Allow a call to DEFSTRUCT to have no slot-descriptions.
     Specify that it is an error for two slots in a single DEFSTRUCT to
     have the same name.  If structure A includes structure B, then no
     additional slot of A may have the same name as any slot of B."
       Await object proposal.

    { DEFSTRUCT-DEFAULT-VALUE-EVALUATION (not yet submitted/issues file)
    (p 305) "The default value in a defstruct slot is not evaluated
     unless it is needed in the creation of a particular structure
     instance.  If it is never needed, there can be no type-mismatch
     error, even if the type of the slot is specified, and no warning
     should be issued."
      Await object proposal.

The CLOS subcommittee doesn't plan to propose any changes to DEFSTRUCT,
other than noting that once CLOS is adopted someone could propose to
eliminate DEFSTRUCT.  So the status of the above two should probably
change from { to % (need volunteer).

    * DEFVAR-DOCUMENTATION (Version 1, 30-Jun-87)
       (Documentation string is not evaluated.)
       Submitted, no replies
    ???? Ready for release with endorsement?

Yes.  (I haven't reviewed the actual wording of the proposal,
but I presume what it says is obvious from the summary here.)

    * FORMAT-COMMA-INTERVAL (Version 1/10 June 87)
     (Allow another argument to ~D etc to paramerize digits between commas)
    ???? Ready for release with endorsement?

I expect so, but don't remember this one and don't seem to have a copy
of it.

    * GET-SETF-METHOD-ENVIRONMENT (Version 5, 13-Jun-87)
     (Environment argument for GET-SETF-METHOD)
     Version 4 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
     Version 5 mailed 13-Jul-87 13:18:47 
    ???? Ready for release?

I expect this is ready to release, although I don't have a copy of
the latest version.

    & LOAD-TIME-EVAL (Version 2, 17-JUL-87)
     (New function/macro/special form for evaluation when 
     compiled file is loaded?)
     No discussion after Version 2.
    ???? ready for release?

What does & mean?  It's not in the table of annotations at the front
of the file.  Version 2 of this looks ready for release.

    * OPEN-KEYWORDS-EXISTS (Version 1, 17-Jul-87)
      No discussion.
    ???? Ready for release ?

I don't know what this one is.

    SHARPSIGN-PLUS-MINUS-PACKAGE (version 2, 9-Mar-87)
     (What package are *features* in?)
     Mild support for :KEYWORD
     Register *features*?
    ???? Report out with only :KEYWORD proposal?

Report out with only :KEYWORD proposal.