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I think it would be reasonable to have an afternoon meeting.  We
can have the copies made by a local company in the afternoon or
overnight rather than at HP.  Unless you had a very small
document (< 50 pages) I wouldn't be able to get it printed here
anyway.  Seems they are printing a large job, 400,000 pages, till
the middle of next week and it would be tough to get much of
their time.  The CLOS committee is going to need outside print
anyway since they are going to have around 150 pages, so I've
made arrangements with a local printing firm that was recommended
by our copy center.  We can turn the cleanup document over to
them in the late afternoon and have it by the next morning,
collated and stapled.

I'd already scheduled conference rooms for Monday afternoon only
so let me know if you would like me to make any changes.

Dave Matthews