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message references

    Date: Tue, 20 Sep 88 10:44:45 PDT
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    Incidentally, I know we thrashed this issue out on Common-Lisp@SU-AI 
    some months ago; and I remember initiating the discussion with a query
    msg to find out how other people felt about the issue.  However your 
    "References" field shows only the very cryptic:
    I've noticed that this kind of encryption always occurs whe Symbolics
    folks try to reference prior mail; it must be some kind of "feature"
    in the Symbolics mailer?

Those message-IDs follow the Internet standard for mail and were
generated by the original sender, not by my reply.  There is no
encryption going on.  There is nothing Symbolics-specific going on.  I
have no control over these IDs, except possibly for the ones on the
messages that I sent originally.

    Could you possibly restore something more like the original dateline;
    on these references, with at least (1) which mailing list to which
    the msg was sent, (2) the "From" name, and (3) a readily understandable
    date format [e.g. Wed, 14 Sep 88 16:27 EDT].  Thanks.

If you can't retrieve messages from mail archives by message-ID, you can
ask me to retrieve them for you.  It may take me several weeks to get
around to doing it, though, if I don't already have the messages locally.
You use Unix, don't you?  I'm surprised that it doesn't implement the
Internet standard for mail.