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Issue: HASH-TABLE-ACCESS (version 2)

   Date: Thu, 13 Oct 88 12:30:44 PDT
   From: vanroggen%aitg.DEC@decwrl.dec.com

     HASH-TABLE-REHASH-SIZE hash-table
       Returns the current rehash size of a hash table.
       Returns the current rehash threshold of a hash table.
     HASH-TABLE-SIZE hash-table
       Returns the current size of a hash table.

I don't think the "current" values of these are well defined except in
reference to one particular implementation technique (I believe the
corresponding arguments to make-hash-table are advisory in nature and can be
ignored when not applicable).  For instance, can you describe what an
implementation using alists should return from each of these functions?

I do support the addition of HASH-TABLE-TEST.