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Re: Issue: STANDARD-VALUE (Version 1)

Envos Medley does this only slightly differently: there's a list
IL:*PER-EXEC-VARIABLES* instead of *STAHDARD-VALUES*. If you really add a
new variable that really has to be rebound when a new debugger or EXEC is
invoked, you can push something onto it.

The initial value is ((*PACKAGE* (COND ((PACKAGEP *PACKAGE*) *PACKAGE*) (T
(PROMPTPRINT "Invalid package, reset to LISP") (SETQ *PACKAGE*
(FIND-PACKAGE LISP))))) (* *) (** **) (*** ***) (+ +) (++ ++) (+++ +++) (-
-) (/ /) (// //) (/// ///) (HELPFLAG T) (*EVALHOOK* NIL) (*APPLYHOOK* NIL)

I don't think this will fly, because it seems to be too dependent on one
particular style of debugger.