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Cleanup committee organization

I've sent this out as the "committee" policy when I've
gotten questions. Its really my policy, although I hope
you agree.

 - - - - - 

The cleanup committee is open to members of X3J13  who want to
work on it. I've generally discouraged passive observers. X3J13 is
open to those who would join; I am less clear about the procedure
for joining.

Decisions are made by consensus when we can get it. Sometimes the only consensus
is "we all agree that this writeup fairly presents the pros and cons of the
issue". We've brought things for a vote to the general X3J13 where only one
committee member was in favor of the proposal.  Do not assume that
we endorse an issue unless the Discussion section says that we do.

Once a cleanup item is released by the cleanup committee, it is brought
for a vote at X3J13. Controversial issues are discussed, amended, tabled,
and otherwise modified; some issues have been "sent back to committee"
more that 6 times.

Once a cleanup proposal has "passed", its only legal effect is to direct
the editorial committee to incorporate the proposal body into the text
of the draft being prepared; the examples, test cases, discussion do not
form a part of the proposal.

Once there is a draft standard, it will be available for public review by
the user community at large; the ANSI and ISO process calls for a formal
review process.