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My copy of version 2 of this proposal has been smashed. (I hope this didn't
happen to other bits of mail.

I might be able to dig it out of the archive on Sail, but do any of you
have it handy?

The header was:

Return-Path: <CL-Cleanup-mailer@SAIL.Stanford.EDU>
Redistributed: xerox-cl-cleanupâ??.pa
Received: from SAIL.Stanford.EDU ([]) by Xerox.COM ; 02 DEC 88
12:19:02 PST
Received: from Xerox.COM by SAIL.Stanford.EDU with TCP; 2 Dec 88  12:14:31
Received: from Semillon.ms by ArpaGateway.ms ; 02 DEC 88 11:59:38 PST
Date: 2 Dec 88 11:57 PST
 From: masinter.pa
Subject: Issue: UNREAD-CHAR-AFTER-PEEK-CHAR (Version 2)
To: cl-cleanup@SAIL.Stanford.EDU
cc: cutting.pa
Message-ID: <881202-115938-1581@Xerox>