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   Date: 3 Feb 89 15:57 PST
   From: masinter.pa@xerox.com

   Procedurally, I'd rather handle this as a motion to reconsider the previous
   version of ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE rather than as a new issue. My
   reason is that at some point we will probably need to release the "passed"
   issues as a description to the community as to what we did and why; I'd
   rather not leave ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE as unamended. So I'm happy to
   mail out your message with Problem and Proposal, but in the final state,
   just have an amended ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE issue.

   This is not terribly important, but we would need a revised version of
   ADJUST-ARRAY-NOT-ADJUSTABLE if the motion passes.

Fine.  By the way, as a result of discussions with RPG this weekend,
I have concluded that the solutions I offered are themselves broken.
However, I still believe that there is a problem to be solved here.