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If someone brings a new draft to the March 89 X3J13, we can
put it on the agenda and discuss it. 

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I like Kent's idea 

" I (KMP) made a note to myself that since #S(ARRAY ...) and 
 #S(HASH-TABLE ...) couldn't possibly be meaningful, one might define
 #S to be the generalized constructor for things other than structures.
 So #S(ARRAY ...) could be used to print arrays with attributes that
 would otherwise be lost. eg, #S(ARRAY :CONTENTS ... :FILL-POINTER ...).
 Similarly, #S(HASH-TABLE :CONTENTS ... :SIZE ...) for the cases where
 hairy options wanted to be shown. #A and the simpler #H notation could
 then be used unless some option variable were set that said to really
 print the full-blown info."

However, this issue is not going anywhere -- there were certainly
more No's than Yes's to proceed with the latest draft.

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I like KMP's idea too.  In fact, if KMP's extension to #S were passed, I
would be happy to shelve the #H proposal.  I want hash tables to have a
READable printed representation, but I don't want to squander the remaining
# macro dispatch characters on obscure bits of syntax.  People will want to
type in arrrays as constants (with #A) much more frequently than hash
tables, so #A is needed but #H is diposable.

-- Dave