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I need some help here. My notes say:

 GZ wanted an amendment to strike item 8 from this list.

 Sandra had some concern about the penultimate paragraph where she wanted a
 prohibition on the ability to trace local functions (in implementations that
 permit that).  Moon thinks the proposal was amended to explicitly allow
 tracing of such local function bindings.

>> Sandra: Please resolve this!

 We went round in circles about item 8.  A straw poll to send this back for
 more work failed 6-10, so we kept on.

 A motion was made to terminate discussion. This passed by 2/3 vote.

 Moon's notes say item 8 may need further refinement, as for instance by GLS's
 amendment.  The goal is to separate properties into the ones the user can
 bash and the ones the user cannot bash. [Anyway, we should expect that item 8
 may come up in some form at the next meeting.]

 Ultimately, I have written in my notes that we voted on
   ``proposal replaced by RPG, item 8 struck, w/ Sandra's prohibition
     to trace local functions''
 and that it passed 14-3.

>> This might not be accurate depending on how the discrepancy above is resolved.