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Proposal YES violates the general approach we've been taking of trying to
limit side-effects on the local environment during compilation.

Proposal NO makes PROCLAIM virtually worthless.

Proposal NEW-MACRO -- While this matches up with other stuff we've been doing,
I'm concerned about two things.  First, I really dislike the name DEFPROCLAIM.
This thing isn't defining anything!  It sounds like something that modifies
the behavior of PROCLAIM, not something that actually makes a proclamation.
Second, I'm concerned about the cost to users.  I think the statement that

  "Under any of these proposals, some users would probably have to make minor
   changes to their code."

is rather misleading for this case.  There are a lot of PROCLAIMs out there.

For current practice, the IIM compiler has special top-level handling for
PROCLAIM when the argument is a constant.  The information is recorded in the
remote environment.