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This one looks pretty good too.

  Remove the
  language on p. 66 of CLtL which states that the compiler is not
  required to recognize defining macros at other than top-level.
Except this is still true:
    (let ((x (f)))
      (defmacro m (y) `(+ ,x ,y)))
    (defun g (...)
      ... (m ...) ...)
and inside G the use of M is an error because it isn't guaranteed to be
recognized as a call to a macro.  As you indicate later, using EVAL-WHEN
would provide a means of avoiding this problem.

Another example of this restriction:
    (defun f (...)
      (defstruct ship length ...)
      ... (ship-length ...) ...
The use of SHIP-LENGTH in F is an error.

It would be worthwhile to remind readers that the names/bindings are
still global.  Thus in the defstruct example above,
there is not guaranteed to be a SHIP type until after F is called, there
might not be any SHIP-xxx functions until after F is called, and
all the names created by the DEFSTRUCT will be global.