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Re: issue COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS, version 7

> >  Possibly NOTICE should write to *STANDARD-OUTPUT* rather than
> Or to *TRACE-OUTPUT*, since notices are typically running commentary
> of import similar to "Entering FOO", "Leaving FOO", etc.

Yes, you would like such INFO conditions reported on the terminal, but I
would like ALERT conditions [e.g. "style warnings"] to be able to be
included in a DRIBBLE file.  This makes me wonder if the concept of
combining these under the NOTICE condition might not be such a good idea.
It also reminds me of a point I raised a long time ago, that DRIBBLE ought
to bind *ERROR-OUTPUT* as well as *STANDARD-OUTPUT*.  I still think it is
important that we not require compiler error messages to be written in
such a way that they can't be captured in a dribble file.