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Re: issue COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS, version 7

    Yes, you would like such INFO conditions reported on the terminal, but I
    would like ALERT conditions [e.g. "style warnings"] to be able to be
    included in a DRIBBLE file.  This makes me wonder if the concept of
    combining these under the NOTICE condition might not be such a good idea.
    It also reminds me of a point I raised a long time ago, that DRIBBLE ought
    to bind *ERROR-OUTPUT* as well as *STANDARD-OUTPUT*.  I still think it is
    important that we not require compiler error messages to be written in
    such a way that they can't be captured in a dribble file.
I agree.  I lumped ALERT and NOTICE together to keep them from causing
BREAKs.  While this is important, it is also important that it be
trivial for the user to route all compiler messages together and in
order to the same destination, whether it be a dribble file, a
separate compiler output window, or whatever.