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I think I know what this means, but I worry that the language isn't precise
enough and we will have some problems with misreading. This leaves it an
"editorial" issue, I suppose, but I don't envy the job of the editor. Just
some examples:

    (b) In conforming code, variables that are intended to be bound
        specially must be declared SPECIAL in the compiletime environment
        before any bindings of that variable are processed by the compiler.
	The compiler must treat any binding of an undeclared variable as a
	lexical binding.

The terms I'd wish defined are

 "intended"  - by whom?
"declared... in the compiletime environment before"
	- probably you mean that the compiler must process an appropriate
	DECLARE or PROCLAIM, not that such a DECLARE or PROCLAIM actually
	be evaluated. Probably "before" means either chronologically or
	in some appropriate lexically enclosing scope.

"processed by the compiler"
	- probably "processed" doesn't include READ.