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Re: Handling of #, (load-time-eval)

My preferences, in order, are:

Alternative (3) Throw out #, entirely.

Alternative (2) Define a new special form.

Note that in CLtL, p. 86, (QUOTE x) is defined as "simply returns x.
The object is not evaluated and may be any Lisp object whatsoever.
This construct allows any Lisp object to be written as a constant value
in a program."

I would prefer to see the simplicity of QUOTE retained rather than
complicating it to support #,.

I prefer removal of #, from the language because it is logically
impossible for it to be as described in CLtL -- just a read macro --
and even if made a self-consistent part of the language it requires
a special mechanism unique to it.  Since there are alternatives to
it, I would omit it.

It seems appropriate to me that if QUOTEd constants are permitted to
be read-only, values produced by #, would also be permitted to be
read-only.  In other words, it would be an error to attempt to modify them.