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Eric Benson reads the CL-Cleanup mails, and ocasionally participates
in its discussions.  His address is eb@lucid.com, but he's on vacation 
right now.

I think one can assume that MACRO-FUNCTION and GET-SETF-METHOD will
neeed &environment arguments.  The issue for GET-SETF-METHOD was
"passed" in June 1987.  

I fear that we have let MACRO-FUNCTION drop on the floor.  Larry's
"Issue Status" for the Ft. Collins meeting (Nov 1987) says that
it "need[s a] volunteer" to write it up.  I don't recall seeing a 
subsequent proposal.  It ought to be trivial.

For the record, Lucid's implementation of MACRO-FUNCTION has an
optional second argument for the &environment.

-- JonL --