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    Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 14:49:55 MST
    From: sandra%defun@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)

    > Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 16:18 EST
    > From: David A. Moon <Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
    > Another approach would be for (DECLARATION declaration-specifier env)
    > to return a list of all decl-specs currently in force with the symbol
    > declaration-specifier in their car, sorted so the innermost declaration
    > is first on the list.  It's then up to the caller to parse this in

    Hmmm.  I think this has promise, provided that we either clarify that
    for declarations that can be "bound", only those declarations that
    apply to lexically visible bindings be returned, or else restrict this
    to declarations that can only be "free".  

I was restricting DECLARATION to have unspecified results if used with
any of the built-in declaration specifiers that are associated with
variable bindings.  But even without that restriction, I would say
that "currently in force" means "declarations whose scope includes
env" which means that for declarations attached to bindings, the
bindings must be lexically visible.

					      Also, shouldn't this
    function also ought to be required to know about the DECLARATION
    decl-spec as well as OPTIMIZE?

Right.  The documentation on DECLARATION says it can only be used with
PROCLAIM, but it should still be visible here.  All that that restriction
means is that you get the same answer regardless of env.